Can Long Distance Relationships Work?

So you go on vacation, you meet someone; you fall in love, then what? You can't move because you have established a profitable business back home, and you are very close with all of your long time friends and family.?? So what can you do, you don't want to let the person of your dreams go.?? So you both decide to try a long distance relationship in hopes down the road you can be together again.

In most cases you are up for a challenge when you enter into a long-distance relationship. Some of the challenges are arranging phone calls, video chats, and costly weekend get-a ways.?? Not to mention if you have to deal with other complications that could affect the outcome of your relationship, such as children, immigration and expenses.

How can you make your long distance relationship easier on you and your mate?

So how can you have success at lasting in a long distance relationship? The answer to that is to keep the lines of communication open.?? What you have on your side in this day and age is that there are so many ways to communicate it is almost hard not to keep in touch. ??For example, phone, text, mail, video, webcam, send flowers, tele-gram, e-cards, Facebook, etc…

Statistically long distance relationships and even marriages are on the rise, which also means the success rate of long distance relationships lasting and even leading to marriage are on the rise as well.