Someone Whom God Sent

God will send someone to love you sincerely who will see you as the best of Asian art. That person will be mindless of the people around. All he will care about is you as his one true love. And despite the feeling of enjoyment from such love, God will touch our heart to discern of the person's secret agenda on top of disguise of loving if he is not really in love. We may not trust humans but we are certain to trust God.

He is a person who will woo you. Who will conquer with his love-not loving the people in your past or loving the people who are connected to you. God will make him understand that someone whom he could be stuffing with goodness, kindness, or perhaps with material things is someone who has caused you pain and whom you are just connecting to in a civil manner. If this person who is in disguise of loving you does so, then we know he does not have God's discernment. And no matter how you enjoy life with him, you need to let him go. It is not like when we buy art online. Choosing our partner should be a "no-return, no exchange policy".This is why we need to be really careful.

Someone who loves you will not mind to woo. If he is too high to reach at, he will stoop down to the lowest level you are in. God will send someone for each of us. His acts and his ways will perfectly match what is in our hearts. We just need to wait for the person. Someone who will try to bend the veins in our hearts to feel otherwise or someone who will rearrange our brain nerves to think otherwise is not for us. Each of us has a perfect match and we will know who this person is after infatuation or the excitement of the "in-love" state dies down.

If you are religious, God will not necessarily choose someone who is as religious, as well. Otherwise, He'd rather opt to place both of you in a convent. God calls for people to be single and bless them with happy life serving Him. Otherwise, He allows people to be in love, to be committed to each other, to unite their souls together so that each will bring happiness to the other with His blessing for which simply means, we have to wait for whom God will send us, or if he has really plans to do so. Choosing our life's partner is not the same as when we buy art online that we can be fickle-minded as to which among the arts in display will look great. Put God in our heart and He will speak to us through it. Once you feel a frown in your heart, enjoy your life with him while it lasts because you know then that he is not for you.