Such Kind of True Love is Pure And Beautiful

There is one pair of first love; they were isolated because of the times. And now they have their own families and children. But when they are growing old, they suddenly found each other, after sadness and happiness, whether they see or not see?

They met and fell in love with the beautiful West Lake in Hangzhou. He was valiant air force; she is only 13-year-old female student. It was the 1940s.

However, three years of sweet time seemed to be instant. The situation was unrest, and military orders could not be disobeyed, however, he made his plane set sail, straight into the blue sky, and when the landing, he has been in the strait over there. Over the past few years, when she found him, he has been a 70-year-old man in the distant Canada. And the original 13-year-old girl has become a sixty woman.

However, can you imagine it? Their love is still blazing, and their breaking up as if just occurs yesterday, each phone must play more than an hour, recording those laughing and crying. He hobbled his legs to look for blue stationery all over the world, because that year he gave her first love letter with the letterhead is blue…

When thoughts piled more and more concentrated, the next question is: see, or not? After discuss several rounds, the final agreement is not seen. Not see to eliminate the moment; they let the memory stop in the original forever. Moreover, they agreed to recall then write it out.

He used a magnifying glass to finish materials and study out section. At the same time, she wore reading glass to write and then revived every detail. Finally, that book was born, like the birth of their child.

It is best not to see does not mean all the love, only that I am afraid you cannot pick up the relationships after you see each other.

Of course, not seen each other do not mean there is no feeling, but keeping everything in the heart. I am most afraid of people who really love each other but they cannot be together, however, these two heroes make I know what true love is. True love should not be separated in time and space, it is always love.

For the pure love and beauty, we do not expect to review, only to recall.